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Alain Rogue

Chachi was the life of the party and meant so much to those who knew him. He loved to read and snuggle with his clone, Santiago Angel, who he tragically left.

A son, who will carry his spirit and half his heart, forever.
He suffered from childhood epilepsy that led to severe ADHD. Life wasn’t easy for him but he remained steadfast in trying. He joined the Army at 17 & was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. He was handsome, impulsive, loving, funny and so smart. The one quality we remember is that he was the true epitome of LOVE & lived vicariously by his famous quote. Chachi is remembered for his loyalty to his family & true friends, no matter what the circumstances. A random act of kindness was Chachi, in all our lives! Get it how you live!

A special note from his sister, Milena: 
He would always tickle me, so he was the Tickle Monster. I loved him soooooo much and I miss him a lot.