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About: Alexis had her first grand mal seizure July 8, 2015, just 2-years-old. Her mother made a quick call to 911 and they were off to the hospital. Once she settled down, the hospital was ready to chalk it up to a normal experience that happens to many children her age. Her mother KNEW something was wrong and advocated for Alexis to receive more than a nudge out the door. They wound up spending 5 days in that hospital looking for answers. Alexis had blood work taken, CT scan of her head, MRI of her brain, and MRIA/MRIV with contrast of her brain, EEG, and an EMU study. They found out a few things: she had seizure activity in the right side of the brain, she had an AVM (arteriovenous malformation), it was a Grade 3, and it was in the worst possible location you can have- in her brainstem. Surgery to remove it is too risky, they must continue to deal with the complications.

Follow her Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Alexis is one of our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of May 2018. We are sending gift cards for a special getaway where she can experience 100 different types of fun! Topping the list at Kalahari Resorts is their Waterpark, where she can benefit from hydrotherapy while smiling from ear to ear!