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About: On November 18th, 2016 Aurora Jane was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She quickly underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her abdomen, and they ended up removing her adrenal gland because of another tumor. On November 23rd she started her first round of chemo with 3 doses over a 3 day period. Aurora returned home after two weeks at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera. This sweet little one-year-old girl has started weekly clinic trips along with chemo treatments every 3 weeks.  Aurora has a long road ahead of her, and it’s going to be rough! Her mom says, “I swear this girl blows my mind. She is so dang strong.” 

Follow her Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Aurora is our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of February 2017. We are sending her a Brilliant Baby Laptop. We are also providing a $100 gift card for a special day of shopping at Toys R Us. We hope she returns with a cart full of toys that will give her many days filled with smiles.