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About: At the tender age of 3, it was discovered that Bradlee had a tumor located at the base of his brain. After surgery to remove the tumor, more thorough testing was done at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital where Bradlee was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer, Anaplastic Ependymoma. In this type of cancer, tumors grow very quickly and tend to spread into the surrounding normal brain tissues, which makes complete removal of the tumor nearly impossible. As expected, that first surgery Bradlee had did not remove the entire tumor. Bradlee and his family continue to FIGHT.

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Special Treat: Bradlee is our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of January 2017. Bradlee loves anything and everything having to do with cars/trucks. As his special treat, we are sending Bradlee and his entire family to the Monster Jam live motorsport event near his hometown of Danville, Kentucky.