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Christian Mahoy


Pam was honored to be Christian Mahoy’s mother. Chris was a wonderful son, and if you ask his friends – his true friends- they would tell you he was the most loyal, supportive and helpful brother they ever could have known. At home he was a walking encyclopedia and football stats professional. His favorite football teams were the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pitt Panthers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. He also enjoyed Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxing. No one, family or friends ever had to use Google when Chris was around. His memory was incredible. He loved to debate politics. He also loved music – the blues, classic rock, and Johnny Cash ?. His mom always sang ‘Simple Man’ to him- It was his favorite Skynyrd song and is engraved on his headstone. He is missed terribly and his mom can’t wait till I see him again. She will occasionally pack a lunch, sit on the bleachers and reminisce of the days gone by… Her days filled with joy at watching all of Chris’s baseball and football practices & games. Some of the most fun days in her life were watching Chris grow from a boy to a man.