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About: Drake is an amazing 8 year old boy from Sulphur, Louisiana. On March 12, 2018 he was diagnosed with DIPG. He has a tumor located in the pons area of the brainstem which controls breathing, communication between different parts of the brain, and sensations such as hearing, taste and balance. Drake’s intense treatment including steroids and radiation is taking a toll on his little body. Along with being tired, having cracked lips and facial swelling, he has sores on his tongue. His energy is gone but Praise God he is still eating! His family, friends and supporters are speaking life into this battle. He has already had some success through his treatment, as the tumor has shrunk. Keep the prayers coming!

Follow his Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Drake is one of our Sam’s Kids selected Keep the prayers coming! for the month of June 2018. He is excited for his shopping trip to Cabela’s so he can determine for himself if it is better than the Bass Pro Shop that’s near his house.