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About: Shortly after her 12th birthday, Elizabeth shockingly received the diagnosis of cancer. It took more than a week to learn exactly what they were dealing with… Neuroblastoma Stage IV. Elizabeth had always been athletic, outgoing and full of energy- an extraordinary dancer, dancing 3, sometimes 4 nights/week for 3+ hours a stretch. She was struggling through normal pains… trips to the doctor never amounted to much. The pain was attributed to her intense dance schedule and possibly, Iliac Apophysis, a sign of scoliosis. but one day the pain was no ordinary pain. she collapsed at dance practice. Elizabeth began the biggest challenge of her young life.

Follow her Journey. God Bless!

Special Treat: Elizabeth is our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of March 2018. Dance is her passion and has by far been the best PT she’s done- it is great for the body and soul. We are providing a gift card to her favorite, Madison’s Dancewear in Chesterfield, Missouri. A stop to look forward to on her way to St. Lous Children’s Hospital.