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About: In what was supposed to be a normal yearly wellness check in November 2017, doctors noticed that Emmett was severely anemic and hadn’t gained weight in 6 months. His belly had gotten very swollen and on the 16th of December Emmett was diagnosed with Stage 3 High Risk Neuroblastoma. The whole world for Emmett and his family turned upside down as they began the journey, Fight Emmett Fight. A tumor that was growing in his abdomen was the size of a cantaloupe and it was starting to hamper his breathing. Emmett’s tiny little body went through multiple surgeries to remove the tumor. He has endured countless procedures, including intubation, feeding tubes, ports, PICC lines, chemo and immunotherapy. This little guy continues his battle with a beautiful smile on his face. He is feisty, strong, and is ready to kick this cancer in the butt!

Follow his Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Emmett is one of our Sam’s Kids selected for the month of June 2018. At only 2 years of age, his mom requested a Target Gift Card so they could browse and let Emmett pick anything that interests him.