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About: At 22 months old Gabby was diagnosed with stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma. The cancer had already spread throughout her entire body. She had a primary tumor on her right adrenal gland, 18 soft tissue tumors in/around her lungs, several lymph nodes that had been invaded by the cancer, and countless bone lesions (on her skull, collar bone, legs, arms, spine, etc). Gabby began treatment in December 2018 with the high-risk COG (Children’s Oncology Group) protocol. She underwent 4 very difficult rounds of chemotherapy before they learned that Gabby’s cancer didn’t respond to chemo. The family flew from San Diego to New York (Memorial Sloan Kettering) for Gabby’s first resection surgery- 12 grueling hours! They removed her primary tumor, right kidney and 11 other masses from her abdomen and right lung. Gabby finished her chemo protocol, then flew back for a follow-up surgery. This time, they removed masses from Gabby’s left lung and diaphragm. She has an incredibly long and difficult journey ahead. While immunotherapy is currently working, it is slow. This will be followed by a stem cell transplant, radiation, more immunotherapy, and 2 years of drug therapy (DFMO). Throughout it all, Gabby has continued to inspire everyone with her contagious happy spirit and shining smile. The family is tremendously grateful for the community of love and support that has surrounded their family as they fight for Gabby’s life. Please pray, send positive thoughts, light a candle, or anything really, for Gabby.

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Special Treat: Gabby is our November 2019 Sam’s Kid. With her love of animals, we provided gift cards so Gabby and her family can enjoy an awesome adventure at the local San Diego Zoo & Safari Park.