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About: Gracie Phillips of Churchville, VA was diagnosed 6/15/2018 with Hepatoblastoma at age 4. Hepatoblastoma is a rare childhood cancer involving the liver. She had just finished preschool and playing T-ball a few weeks before her diagnosis. Her symptoms were a low grade fever and fatigue! Gracie started her treatment at UVA June 20, 2018. On October 12, 2018, after completing 4 cycles of chemotherapy she received a Liver Transplant at UVA. Her liver Transplant was the first done at UVA with Pittsburgh partnership involving her cancer diagnosis. On what should have been her last cycle in January, 2019 a spot was found on her lung. A biopsy was preformed and the spot was removed from her lung. It was found to be hepatoblastoma also. She had to start a new 6 cycle protocol of different chemotherapy drugs. While fighting the cancer with chemo, she also battled liver rejection in the spring. Her UVA & UPMC (Pittsburgh) teams worked very hard to correct her rejection and is being controlled at this time! Gracie has continued to smile and show great strength, faith and bravery thru it all! She even played t-ball again this past season and is looking forward to trying basketball this winter! Even though she had chemotherapy scheduled she was able to start kindergarten the beginning of the month at Churchville Elementary. Gracie is currently completing cycle 6 and we are anxiously awaiting her next scan. We pray all is clear and she is able to get back to being a kid! She loves dolls, barbies and coloring. She has a HUGE heart and LOVES animals. Gracie enjoys being outside and even hunting. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Please keep Gracie, her medical team and her family in your prayers!  

Follow her Journey. God Bless!

Special Treat: Gracie is our August 2019 Sam’s Kid. We’ve set her and her family up with a Gift Certificate for Virginia Safari Park.