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Isabella, a.k.a. Izzy, is in remission as of January 7th of this year! Her latest biopsy found ZERO neuroblastoma cells!! Izzy is now considered NED which means NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!!!!!! Nearly a year ago, Izzy’s initial complaint was that her legs were hurting. This lasted for 2 days when she started to walk with a limp. For the next 2 months, the pain got worse, she began having fevers and losing weight. In between ER visits, Izzy’s family took her to see different specialists, reaching out to anyone and everyone for answers…until that unimaginable afternoon on April 13, 2018……. Izzy was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. This changed everything for her and her family. Izzy was put on an intensive treatment regimen. Long hospital stays, pokes, prods, scans, rounds of chemotherapy treatment, Neutropenic fevers- all taking a toll on her tiny body.

Follow her Journey. God Bless!

Izzy is our Sam’s Kids selected for the month of April 2019. We are sending her and your family to dinner and a movie. We also got Izzy a beautiful new outfit, fit for a princess. We added in some nail polish and stickers to complete the look.

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