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About: On June 23, 2018 doctors at John Hopkin’s diagnosed Kamila with Stage 4 ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) This determination came as such a shock, as there was no evidence of her being ill. She was taken to the hospital because of a seemingly benign fever. Once the news sank in, there was an overwhelming sadness so deep, so unexplainable, so unreal yet so real. Kamila is a strong little fighter and is pushing through every day. She has fought with all her might to get where she’s at now, an amazing little girl and an awesome big sister!!

Follow her Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Kamila is our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of March 2019. Because she absolutely loves all kinds of animals, we are sending her and her family to the National Aquarium. They have a ton of exhibits & displays that will definitely make for an awesome trip.