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About: Landyn was diagnosed on September 22, 2016 with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, one week after his fourth birthday. Over the last year he has shown extraordinary courage. Landyn has spent countless days in the hospital, undergoing multiple scans, pokes, fevers, rounds of chemo, radiation treatments, tumor resection, and a bone marrow transplant. One of the medications he was taking, Retnic Acid, has caused painful lesions on his legs. Thankfully, these tumors known as Oncogenic Osteomalacia, are benign. Each day is a new day; some bad, some good, but through it all, Landyn does it with a smile on his face. Landyn is a fun loving little boy with a love for dinosaurs and all animals. In his spare time Landyn loves to go to the zoo and spend time with his little brother.

Follow his Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Landyn is our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of November 2017. This week Landyn and his family are headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving and are visiting Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum. For his special treat, we gave Landyn a Visa gift card to spend at the gift shops.