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About: Lilly was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at just 16 months old. She always had respiratory issues as an infant, thought to be just a virus or something she would outgrow. Knowing something wasn’t right, her mom took her to the ER. After an X-Ray showed a large mass occupying 3/4 of her chest, she was whisked away to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where their world was turned upside down with the NB diagnosis. Emergency surgery the next day to remove the tumor was unsuccessful because the tumor was wrapped around her lungs. A port was placed and biopsies were taken. Lilly was too weak to breathe on her own so fell into a coma. She lost half her body weight and had emergency chemo. She has been through six rounds of chemo, blood transfusions & anesthesia procedures. Lilly had to learn to walk and eat again after her longest inpatient stay. She endured months of physical and occupational therapy. Lilly lost her hair but never her smile.

Lilly had stable scans for about a year when she relapsed and had a resection. Unfortunately, doctors still could not remove all of the tumor. Now it is dangerously close to her spine and being monitored closely. She has come a very long way and is a brave, strong little girl but still has some obstacles to jump over before her oncologist considers her a survivor. Lilly and her family are grateful to CHOP for saving her life.

Follow her Journey. God Bless!

Lilly is our Sam’s Kids selected for the month of November 2018. For her special day to just be a kid, she was provided with a trip to the movies with snacks included, a mini-shopping spree at Target, and a gift card to a couple of her favorite places to eat!

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