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About: Raygan, age 5, High Risk Neuroblastoma Stage IV


Hi welcome to all.. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share our journey..

Our story begins on May 16, 2013 with our 21 month old granddaughter, Raygan…

We were on mini “way-cation” as Rayray called it.. when the first sign that Rayray wasn’t feeling well started, she seemed very whiny and clingy..

She just didn’t seem to be our happy little baby.. Something was wrong but I had no clue that our simple little world was about to be shaken to the core.

Later, While bathing Raygan, I noticed a lump in her tummy, it was kinda under her rib cage and protruding just a little.. Hmmmm, so naturally I thought maybe this was causing her discomfort.. I Made Appointment with her pediatrician for 9 am on Monday morning…

That day is forever etched in my mind.. What I thought was constipation issues turn out way worse..

It is on this day. After X-rays and an ultrasound, did we learn that our 21 month old baby had CANCER.. She had a large MASS in her tummy and we were immediately referred to UVA pediatric oncologist..

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Special Treat: Raygan is our Sam’s Kid selected for the month of October 2016. As her special treat, Raygan chose to go on a shopping spree to Toys R Us, something she is really looking forward to! We purchased a new purse to hold her $125 Gift Card for Toys R Us. We hope she returns with a cartful of toys that will give her many days filled with smiles.