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On May 31, 2018, 3.5 year old Reece was diagnosed with High Risk Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer at Roseville Children’s Hospital. Doctors found a cancerous tumor in his adrenal gland above his kidney. The cancer had spread into a couple of other tumors and through his bones. More testing showed cancer in his skull, and all the way down his body, with the worst being in his hips and legs. Reece and his family began a tremendous fight, with countless days and nights in the hospital. He has had x-rays, MRIs, Bone and PET Scans. His little body has endured surgeries to remove the adrenal gland, tumors and as much cancer as possible. Reece has been a warrior while suffering through an intensive protocol including chemotherapy treatments- anything and everything possible to heal him. Their efforts have paid off, as just recently- miraculously- Reece has been declared “NED”. This means, No Evidence of Disease.

Follow her Journey. God Bless!

Special Treat: Reece is our Sam’s Kids selected for the month of September 2018. We are treating him with an on-line shopping trip at Amazon.com. We added a few items we knew he would love.