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About: Selah is a beautiful 3-year-old girl fighting type B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Each day of the next 6-9 months is carefully defined and part of a strict, intense treatment regimen. It will take a full 2.5 years to kick this thing to the curb, but that is exactly what Selah and her family will do! Selah is not alone in her challenging journey with Leukemia. Selah has an incredible support system around her consisting of her family, friends and members of Selah’s Hope on Facebook. She also has an outstanding medical team in her corner along with the entire community at Otterbein Church Waynesboro.

Follow her Journey. God Bless!
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Special Treat: Selah is our July 2019 Sam’s Kid. We learned that she is experiencing a little cabin fever and could really use an outdoor adventure. We know she’ll love a day trip to the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve, so we are giving her a gift card to cover her visit. We were excited to hear Selah and her family are planning a trip to Disney next year, so we included a gift card for that as well.