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About: Trinity, age 5. Trinity is a strong, courageous, sweet, and funny little girl who is currently fighting Neuroblastoma for the 3rd time. Her mom said, “Trinity’s smile lights up the room and despite everything cancer has stolen, her smile has never faltered.”

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Special Treat: Trinity is the first official “Sam’s Kid.” Trinity and her family are being treated to an overnight stay in Cleveland, with a much anticipated visit to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and playtime in an indoor swimming pool! We hope this makes for a very special day filled with smiles.

Follow-up from Trinity and her family: We finally got to embark on our trip today and I
seriously cannot thank your organization enough! The Museum was a blast and it was wonderful watching Trinity. (Her favorite thing was the rocks) Our hotel is beautiful and there is a giant mall directly across the street, where Trinity got to ride a train, play in a play area, and jump on a bungee jumper trampoline thingy. Today has been perfect and we have more planned tomorrow. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. We needed this so badly.