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Just the Beginning

What a day, I don’t even know where to start… I guess by thanking all of you that have joined us on this journey. Thank you for all the ‘likes’ and messages about the page and for wanting to help. Jen keeps reminding me, this is a marathon, not a sprint! So please be patient, we will be reaching out to those of you who want to lend a hand.

We started the day at Children’s Hospital. We met with Joe, a Child Life Specialist on the oncology floor who was extremely grateful for the donation to stock the family pantry. As we were talking, a little girl ran up to him and hugged him… of course the tears started flowing knowing this donation will be there for her family. Joe told me not many donations come in for the “families” and this was such a wonderful idea. (thank you, Zoey Johnson)

We then moved to the Pittsburgh Zoo with free admission tickets in hand. The families were so very grateful. I just told them we were doing random acts of kindness today and we would love to pay for their child’s day at the Zoo. The looks on the parents’ faces will stay with me forever. I heard many, “No way, are you serious?!” … “Are you sure?”… “This is so very kind.”… “Wow, this never happens to us?!”

Next, we went in search of the homeless, which was harder than we expected. We finally encountered a struggling Vet under an underpass, I jumped out and asked if he was in need of some help and boy did his eyes light up!!! We then came across a Salvation Army truck; one man needed a little more than they were offering so he received the next backpack. We still have 2 bags and will go out again this weekend.

Next up, we wanted to surprise diners of Sam’s favorite places…

A cute couple received the Chipotle card, they were genuinely touched; as I was walking away I heard, “that was so kind of her!”

Then on to The Cheesecake Factory…First up to receive a card was a group of 5 moms each pushing a newborn baby in a stroller, I stopped the last mom in line and told her the first $25 was on us, she then yelled up the line, “hey guys she just gave us $25 for lunch!” The second card went to a young couple with a little one, the dad was floored and thanked me 5 times in 10 seconds! The last card was for Starbucks, I stood in front of the store, a middle-aged women came walking towards me I stopped her and told her I was there giving away random acts of kindness and the card was for her, her eyes welled up and the tears fell instantly, she pulled me into a hug like you would give a family member. That hug really proved to me that Sam’s Devotions IS going to be amazing!

I finished out the day with 7 dozen Smiley cookies from Eat n Park, they went to a veterinary hospital, 3 police departments, and 3 fire companies.
Each act of kindness was given with a leaflet explaining Sam’s Devotions and asked them to share their day or picture with us. When we receive feedback we will be sure to post it here.

This day ran the full gamete of emotions- I went from smiling to tears in a matter of seconds more times then I can count…this is just the beginning..stay tuned!!! And thank you all again for your love and support of Sam’s Devotions.

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